As BIM Rein team, we believe that the new era of construction has begun and that construction industry just got into the new period together with BIM technologies.

At this stage, we are working hard to catch up with the latest technology and construction news.

By creating models in a virtual and augmented world, we allow customers to experience their buildings before construction begins.

Benefits of BIM:
• Implements the project for users and enable customers to quickly visualize, understand and experience the completed design.
• Supporting a truly collaborative design development by offering a better project in design
• Saves time and money in construction, avoiding conflicts and rework
• In operation, it helps customers to recognize their buildings by saving on facility management with data-rich, easily accessible operation and maintenance information.
Our goal is to capture new generation modeling and design tools and to provide a good service with professional expertise and hard work in this field.
Therefore, using our BIM capabilities, BIM REIN has developed tools and processes that will enable us to create a broad knowledge field beyond the level provided by a traditional engineering consultancy.

Our BIM uses include:

3D: BIM's visualizations capabilities enables participants to not only see the building in three dimensions before ground is ever broken, but also to automatically update these views along the project life cycle, from earliest conception to demolition. 

4D: BIM (four-dimensional building information modeling) is used for construction site planning related activities. The fourth dimension of BIM allows participants to extract and visualize the progress of their activities through the lifetime of the project.

5D: BIM (fifth-dimensional building information modeling) is used for budget tracking and cost analysis related activities. The fifth dimension of BIM associated with 3D and 4D (Time) allows participants to visualize the progress of their activities and related costs over time.

6D: BIM (sixth-dimensional building information modeling) helps perform energy consumption analyses. 

7D: BIM (seventh-dimensional building information modeling) is used by managers in the operation and maintenance of the facility throughout its life cycle.  

Our professional team is always ready to help you and your team.

We have experiences;

  • Metro 
  • Industrial Building
  • House
  • Treatment Facility
  • Paper Factory
  • Logistics Warehouse
  • Production Facility
  • Prefabricated Building
  • Steel Structure
  • Mixed-Use Building

Let's work together.