BIM is not only about constituting drawings from 3D models, it is about being able to make informed decisions at every point of a project so that the design process is enhanced.

BIM is a digital representation of a building. It helps us to exchange information in different ways and make the best decisions about the facilities' design and lifecycle through its processes, geometry, and data.

As BIMREIN, we design across all disciplines in the virtual world, helping achieve efficiencies, reducing the costs of capital and lifecycle, and ensuring that our solutions are right for clients and their stakeholders.

BIMREIN tracks and verifies progress during the design and construction phases, providing data-rich models that will save customers time and money for years to come.

What BIMREIN offers are not only limited to 3D modelling, rebar & precast detailing, shop drawings and construction documentation but also quantity survey & estimation.

BIMREIN’s experience in BIM allows the smooth transformation of our structural design analysis model into Revit models, which in turn results in an information-rich platform for its customers.

BIMREIN’s expertise covers various BIM channels.