BIM is not just about creating drawings from 3D models, it’s about having the ability to make informed decisions at any stage of a project, so improving the design process. 

BIM is a digital representation of a building. Through its processes, geometry and data it allows us to share information in new ways and make the best decisions about the design and lifecycle of the facility.

We design in the virtual environment across all disciplines, helping to deliver efficiencies, reducing capital and life cycle costs, and making sure our solutions are right for clients and their stakeholders.

We monitor and validate progress throughout the design and construction phases, handing over data rich models that save clients time and money for years to come.

BIM REIN provides all BIM related services such as 3D Modeling, rebar & precast detailing, shop drawings, construction documentation, and quantity survey & estimation. 

Our expertise in BIM enables our structural design analysis model to transition seamlessly into Revit models, which in turn results in an information-rich model for our clients.

Our experience spans different BIM platforms.